Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter, plus 4 to 20mA output
Super Compact 160 x 160 x 90mm in size

Model UF10090


3-Lab Instrument Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow meter uses the latest digital technology and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission. The instrument is tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids found in most industrial environments. With distinctive features such as high accuracy, high reliability, the MPU in the instrument provides unique digital signal processing and a relevant test programs.

This flow meter provides long-term no-drift measurements and sorts the built in operating circuitry to adjust parameters according to changing conditions.

Designed to be user friendly & easy to operate. Very simple and convenient


- Compact design, easy to install.

- Using weather-proof robust housing materials: corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, freeze resistant.

- Designed to be user friendly, easy to operate. Users can finish installations within just 20 min.

- Suitable for measurement in many different working conditions.

Uses advanced framework configuration with compact design. It consists of five main parts: enclosure, LCD display, power supply board, PCB main board and operating panel. This configuration increases the reliability of the product and decreases the cost and maintenance as well. The convenient digital menu operation can easily be used to setup the pipe size, pipe material, pipe thickness, fluid type, output signal and other parameters.



Standard Delivery:

Main unit, Clamp on Transducer (1 pair with 8 meter long cable), pipe strips, coupling gel, installation brackets and hard carrying case

Optional Calibration Certificate available, please contact us today for details, Thank you.


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