Electrical Safety Trainer


Training for earth-to-earth, earth-to-neutral
Training for insulation-to-installations
Training for electrical safety measurement
Training for the most common electrical faults

The ideal tool for engineering, training and the simulation of measurement on electrical installations

Fault simulation of electric installations and demonstration of actual measurements

Education of electrical installations and education of measuring instrument usage

Electrical installation system training
1-Phase, 3-phase, 3-phase 4 wire (R/S/T/N)
Measurement training
AC voltage, earth resistance, earth voltage, phase insulation resistance, phase test, live line test, resistance by leakage current, capacitance by leakage current, DC volt.
Fault simulation
ELB training, circuit-breaker training, leakage current variable test, earth resistance variable test, loop test, RCD protection switch test, battery voltage test, and etc.

Integrated electrical measurement trainer
This product is an integrated simulation equipment for measuring AC voltage, DC voltage, earth resistance, insulation resistance, and leak current in single-phase AC, 3-phase AC, 3-phase 4-wire AC circuits and for allowing the test of electric leak cutoff.

Available at the various places like technical schools and colleges
As an effective multi-purpose equipment, this equipment enables companies to educate electricity safety and measuring methods to their staffs and school teachers to educate electricity measuring methods for electricity, electron, and communication to the students. This product also enables colleges to educate basic electricity and measurement their students. And the user can make the good use of this equipment with Multifunctional Electric Meter.

Possible to practice field simulations
allows the user to measure insulation resistance, earth resistance, assistance earth resistance, effect of ground voltage, and unique ground resistance of electric facilities, as this equipment comprises electricity facility circuits of single-phase AC and 3-phase AC.

Possible to make an actual AC load experiment
When measuring single-phase leak current, the user can make a test by charging load in person as there is a socket for load. The user can also make a test by charging load in person as there are sockets for single-phase load and 3-phase load in a 3-phase line.

Main experimental contents
- Electric safety education preventing from electric accidents
- Grounding and electric installation safety education
- Electromagnetic Interferences and their prevention education
- Static electricity disturbances and their prevention education
- Thunderbolt damages protection education
- Inspection prior to the power supply of electric installations
- Experiments and practices of electric equipment safety
- Single phase / three phase voltage measurements
- DC voltage measurements
- R/S/T phase and live line voltage detection
- Insulation resistance measurements
- Ground resistance (2 point, 3 point type) and earth voltage measurements
- The measurement experiment of ground resistance which is influenced by earth resistance
- Leakage current measurements and electric leakage breaker test
- Measurement of wiring continuity test

An educational equipment devised by international standards in relation to electrical fields like IEC 364 and EN 61010-1

Standard accessories
- Angle stand : 1 ea
- Single-phase AC power cable (2m) : 1 ea
- Three-phase AC power cable (4m) : 1 ea
- Experimental lead wire : 1set
- User Manual : 1 ea
- Instruction & experiment book (180 pages) : 1 volume


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