Investigating the Geiger-Muller counter tube

  • Detecting the radiation emitted by a radioactive gas mantle

  • Behavior of a Geiger-Muller counter tube with no radiation source

  • Investigating the radiotransparency or the end window and housing of the end-window counter

  • Reducing the size of the end window of a counter tube

  • Counting losses in a end-window counter

Radioactive radiation

  • Radiation from an unscreened source

  • Radiation from a radiation source screened at the sides

  • Using reflectors with an unscreened radiation source

  • Investigating the radiation beam of a radium preparation

Statistics of radioactive decay

  • The effect of the distance between the radiation source and the end-window counter on the pulse rate

  • Investigating the variations in pulse rate measurements

  • Statistical error of a single measurement

  • Statistical investigation of background radiation

Investigating different sources of radiation

  • Pulse rate measurements for different masses of thorium

  • Investigating potassium sulphate

  • Investigating Brazil nut ash

  • Investigating bricks

  • Radioactivity decay of airborne dust

Distinguishing \, ] and ^ radiations

  • The effect of paper on the pulse rate when placed between a mixed radiation source and the end-window counter

  • Testing for different radiation types using paper filters


  • Testing for different radiation types using a magnetic field

  • Deflection ] radiation with a magnetic field

  • Scattering of ] radiation

  • Backscattering of ] particles

Screening radioation

  • Screening ^ radiation with different materials

  • Screening ^ rays with lead layers of different thicknesses

Technical applications of radioactive radiation

  • Monitoring contents with radiation (radiographic method)

  • Measuring layer thicknesses with ] rays (radiographic method)

  • Monitoring filling levels with ^ rays (radiographic method)

  • Testing for cavities in a plastic-coated lead slide (radiographic methode)

  • Measuring layer thicknesses with ] rays (backscatter method)


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