Basic Electric Circuits

Circit and switches

  • The simple circuit

  • Conductors and non-conductors (insulators)

  • Switching over

  • Two-way circuit

  • AND gate, OR gate

Electrical measuring methods

  • Measuring current - current in a simple circuit

  • Measuring voltage - voltages in a simple circuit

Ohmic resistor

  • Ohm's law

  • How a wire's resistance depends on ist material, length and cross-section

  • Voltage distribution in a current-carrying wire (potentiometer)

  • Connecting resistors in series

  • Connecting resistors in parallel

Voltage sources

  • Connecting monocells in series and in parallel

  • Terminal voltage and internal resistance of a voltage source

Electrical application circuits

  • Self-heating and temperature sensitivity in wire-wound resistors

  • Model of a fuse

  • Bimetallic-element switches (model of a fire alarm)

  • Model of a thermostat

  • Power of and work done by an electrical current

Electromagnetism and Induction


  • Magnetic effect of electric current

  • Current carrying conductor in a magnetic field

  • Magnetic field of a coil

Electromagnetic applications

  • Electromagnet

  • Model of a magnetic circuit breaker

  • Model of a moving-iron instrument

  • Model of an electromagnetic relay

  • Model of a buzzer (doorbell)

  • Model of a loudspeaker


  • Electromagnetic induction with bar magnet an a coil

  • Electromagnetic induction with two coils


  • Voltage transformation

  • Current transformation

Technical applications of induction

  • Self-induction of a coil (model of an induction coil)

  • Model of an AC generator

  • Model of a synchronous motor

Coil and capacitor

  • DC and AC resistance of a coil I (observation experiment)

  • DC and AC resistance of a coil II (measuring experiment)

  • Capacitor in a DC circuit

  • Capacitor in an AC circuit

Generators and Motors

Basic experiments

  • Magnetic field of the stator

  • Magnetic field of the rotor

  • Rotors in the magnetic field of the stator

  • Electromagnetic induction with bar magnet and coil


  • Dynamo

  • Principle of the universal generator

  • Operating characteristics of the universal generator

  • Power plant generator

  • AC/DC generator with electromagnetic stator

Electric motors

  • Working principle of the DC motor

  • Power consumption of the DC motor

  • DC motor with electromagnetic stator

  • Universal shunt-wound motor

  • Principle of the universal series-wound motor

  • Power consumption of the universal series-wound motor

  • Synchronous motor

  • Electronic motor


Basic experiments

  • Conductivity of aqueous solutions (electrolytes)

  • Observing a liquid conducting a current (electrolysis)

  • Relationship between current and voltage in an electrolyte

  • How an electrolyte's resistance depends on the electrode gap

  • Electroplating

  • Voltaic cells

  • Lead storage battery (accumulator)


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