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Date Logger EcoLog XL

The Portable remote data logger with 5 built-in sensors and an LCD display

Although small in size this powerful data logger can measure and record environmental data like temperature, humidity and sound level. The EcoLogXL can also connect to photo gates and ultrasonic distance sensors, as well as measuring time position.

We've packed a lot extra into this compact, easy to use, portable pocket sized data logger - it's like a mini weather station. With 5 built-in sensors and an LCD display, the EcoLog XL is a powerful yet easy to use mini data logger designed for primary school science. Essentially we've combined the EcoLog and the EcoLog Timer into one product and even added some extra benefits like LCD and USB ports. Three intuitive keys enable students to stop, run and scroll samples as students monitor changes in temperature, light, sound, humidity and pressure. You can use it in the classroom, or even outside. EcoLog XL can be linked to a computer or stand alone and set up to collect data.

With 5 built in sensors and more than 10 possible external sensors, the EcoLogXL is a comprehensive computer based laboratory able to monitor any scientific parameter in primary and middle schools- in the classroom, in the corridor or outside. The EcoLogXL comes in an affordable uniquely designed system.

  • LCD display
  • Up to 7 sensors simultaneous sampling
  • 5 built in high quality sensors:
    Temperature, Light intensity, Barometric pressure Humidity, Sound level
  • Auto-ID of plug in sensors
  • USB and Serial Ports
  • Sampling rate from 2/hour to 50/second
  • 64K of sampling memory
  • Up to 4 stored experiments
  • Powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA battery or AC/DC wall adapter

EcoLog XL Specifications

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Data Logger EcoLog

The innovative portable data logger packing 5 built in sensors

The portable environment data logger that makes even the youngest student understand science

Record data from up to 7 different sensors in one pocket-sized device. With single key operation for simplified use - you just set it and forget it. The EcoLog can be left in the field for a month, or linked to a PC for real time recording. Data can be processed, imported and exported to the PC and displayed as vivid graphs.

Make sense of your surroundings
This powerful data logger packs five built in sensors into one pocket sized device and provides two additional sensor inputs supporting up to 14 external sensors.

Simply powerful
One-button operation makes EcoLog easy and friendly enough for even young children. High accuracy and reliability makes it also suitable or high schools, universities, scientific research and industrial applications

Portable and port-able
You can leave the battery operated EcoLog in its stand alone mode for up to 30 days, indoors or outdoors, or link it to your PC for on-line real-time data recording and display

Ideas and explorations

A great companion for the EcoLog and EcoLab 3.0 software are the worksheets, containing simple and fun experiments. Enriched with drawings and graphs, this easy-to-read book provides a variety of visual and theoretical explanations, helping students understand ecological phenomena such as:

- Heat insulation - Body Sweat
- Greenhouse effect - Barometric pressure  
- Night dew - And many more...
  • Up to 5 built in high quality sensors
  • Two external sensor inputs
  • Sampling rate: from 2/hour to 10/second
  • Simultaneous sampling of up to 7 sensors
  • 8 bit of sampling resolution
  • 8K of sampling memory
  • Operated by two 1.5V AAA batteries

EcoLog Specifications

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Data logger Timer plus

Let your students discover that timing isn't everything

A portable, accurate timer for measuring time, speed acceleration and distance - the Timer Plus is the perfect choice for experimenting in Physics and Kinematics.

Timer Plus is able to measure all parameters needed in kinematics. Unlike traditional timers, this unique design can monitor and record timing, but also: speed, acceleration and distance.

Working with a large variety of digital sensors such as: light gates, switches, ultra sonic distance sensors and smart pulleys, this timer will help you to perform all necessary experiments in middle school and high school dynamics and kinematics

  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Timing measurement of 0.00001 of a second
  • Showing measurement on six large digit display
  • Very friendly user interface including keyboard and display
  • Stand-alone - full operation with no connection to a computer

The Timer plus is an essential tool that can be found in any Physics laboratory in the world. Now you can replace the manual stopwatch with this fully automatic instrument. Timer plus will help you conduct almost any experiment involving the measurement of time, speed, acceleration or distance. Having the ability to accurately measure all these parameters at such high resolution makes Timer plus ideal for:

- Wagon speed on inclined plans

- Linear movement

- Kinetic energy

- Free fall acceleration

- Elastic, plastic collisions and more...

Timer Plus Specifications

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Data Logger EcoLog Timer

A universal and portable timer for dynamics experimenting in primary schools

The EcoLog Timer records and displays time measurements automatically using light gates, timing mats or switches.

EcoLog timer is a portable remote timer - as easy to use as a stopwatch

When used with light gates, the EcoLog Timer is an excellent tool for the study of time, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy and momentum on air tracks and inclined planes.

Speed of Sound
With an accuracy of 10 micro seconds (4 decimal places), the EcoLog Timer can measure the speed of sound accurately through various mediums (e.g. air, wooed etc.)

Acceleration due to Gravity
Investigations into acceleration due to gravity are easily performed with the EcoLog Timer and light gates.

Reaction Time Testing
The EcoLog Timer, along with 2 timer switches, can be used to compare and measure student's reaction time.

Stop Watch Replacement
Use the EcoLog Timer, along with a pair of switches, as an accurate and high-resolution replacement for the traditional laboratory stopwatch

  • Measures times to 0.00001s (10mircoseconds)
  • Measures remotely time from A to B, or time at A
  • Displays results on the LCD screen
  • Stores 50 measurements
  • Can be used with or without a computer
  • Real time interface operation via serial port
  • Real time capture of time, velocity and acceleration
  • Accompanied by the award winning Sensing Science software
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries

EcoLog Timer Specifications

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