CO2 Incubators for anaerobic cell and tissue cultures "Incubator CO2"


External case of steel coated with a thermally insulated epoxy . The chamber is made of stainless oxide proof steel with shelves that are easy to remove and clean. Two doors; one interior hardened glass with silicon gasket and an exterior steel door with magnetic seal. To prevent condensation on the glass door the steel door is maintained at the appropriate temperature. Heating elements are homogeneously distributed around the outside of the chamber. Smooth door action, to prevent jolts or vibrations disturbing the contents of the incubator. The CO2 is administered through a metal tube of 6 mm Ø x 4 mm at the back of the unit.


Temperature Monitor And Control
Electronic temperature control and display, adjustable from ambient +5 ¢XC to 50 ¢XC, with preselect sensitive potentiometer control to 0.1 ¢XC.
A Pt 100 thermo-resistance probe monitors the actual temperature.
A second digital temperature control unit and probe act as a safety thermostat protecting sensitive samples against
over temperature.
Conforms the DIN 12880 class 3.1 standard.

CO2 Control And Regulation

The CO2 can be pre-set via a digital controller to within 0.1 %. To maintain an accurate CO2 level within the unit a thermal conductivity CO2 analyser is incorporated inside the chamber.
After opening and closing the door the CO2 % is re-established, maintaining a low consumption of CO2 .
If the door is opened a micro switch in the glass door impedes the flow of CO2 .
An easy to change micro filter of 0.03 microns is incorporated into the CO2 gas line.
A user adjustable ventilator controls the rate of gas exchange within the chamber.


Humidity Control

The humidity level within the chamber is maintained at a level of 98% (relative humidity). and is produced by the evaporation of water that is loaded at the bottom of the chamber.

Standard Equipment

2 shelves for the Part No. 4000628
and 4 shelves for the Part No 4000602.


Fyrite CO2 analyser.


Part No.
Capacity Litres
Height / Width / Depth (interior) cm
Height / Width / Depth (exterior) cm
Shelf Positions
Power W
Weight Kg
62 44 50
100 60 60
57 60 60
78 98 70


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